dramatic victory celebration

I recently watched an epic tennis match with a great celebration, and it reminded me of regular reader (and friend of the blog) Rurouni Kenneth.  Here’s the actual context, if you’re interested.  Novak Djokovic had just played 5 hours and 53 minutes against Rafael Nadal to win the 2012 Australian Open championship.  It was an legendary match, and I cannot imagine how tiring it had to be.  Here’s the last point and the ensuing celebration.

I figure that’s how Rurouni Kenneth will celebrate if he ever beats me in tennis.  I’m willing to give him his props if he can ever pull off the upset, but once the clothes start coming off, I’m leaving.  🙂

caption contest, celebration with confetti

It’s time for another caption contest!  This week’s photo features an athlete, perhaps a soccer player (or futbol player, depending on where you’re at).  At first glance, it would look like something good just happened, as there’s confetti falling from the sky.  But since you write the captions for this picture, you can make the story be whatever you want!  The only rules are that you keep your comments clean and funny.

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

celebrating 300,000 pageviews

If you ever glance at the counter near the bottom of the sidebar, you might’ve noticed that yesterday we went over 300,000 hits / pageviews.  That’s quite an accomplishment, I think.  Perhaps that will prevent certain other bloggers from calling this blog obscure (not that we listen to them anyway, especially when they don’t even visit their own blog!).

Anyway, I think this calls for a celebration.   It’s a big milestone (albeit arbitrarily chosen, but it’s a large round number with many round numbers).  I suspect many blogs never reach that many viewers.

I’d like to take all the regular readers out for pizza, but unfortunately it’s not in the budget.  Actually, there is no budget, because there is no money.  Nobody has made any donations.  And that’s okay, because we don’t ask for donations.  We’ll gladly receive them, should anyone feel generous, but we don’t ask for your money.  We like to keep the humor here free, where all can enjoy and participate for no charge.  So that’s why there’s no pizza party.

It’s not just a few posts that get a lot of pageviews — there are actually 33 posts that each have over 1,000 views.  That’s amazing to me, that so many people have read my ramblings!  I’m sure most of you regulars can guess what the top posts are, but how many of the top 10 could you name?  Here’s the listing:

1. random Monday quotes
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10. Man vs Food — Carnivore Pizza Challenge

Some of those are very predictable.  For those of you who are curious, here are the next 10:

11. some quotes for your Monday
12. caption contest, unfair sumo wrestling match
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19. Get your super-powers here
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Have you read all of those?  (I wonder how many of the regular readers have read everything here.  You should get a gold star!)

Of course, these are not necessarily the top 20 posts in terms of quality, but the public has spoken.  Is your favorite post missing?  (Or does anyone even have a favorite post?)

celebrating Juneteenth

I just heard that today is a holiday.  Nobody told me to take the day off work!  So I did some research, so I won’t miss this opportunity next year.

June 19 is Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day.  The day is to commemorate the announcement of the abolition of slavery.  The holiday started in Texas in 1865 but is now recognized in 31 states, including Arkansas.  The name Juneteenth is a combination of the words June and nineteenth, which is called a portmanteau.  (You learn something every day.)

I’ve been told the day is traditionally celebrated with a large feast served as an all day meal in a park or outdoor space, and that food typically includes barbecue, fried chicken, greens, baked bread, red soda, pies, home-made ice cream, and watermelon.

Did you notice the part that said “all day meal”?  There was also a mention of fried chicken and barbecue.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  🙂  Unfortunately I don’t know anyone having a party for this, but now you know, so there’s no excuse for next year.