caption contest, man with fire behind him

As the calendar rolls around to Monday again, we roll out another caption contest, to help make your Monday better (and every day better).  This week’s photo is a stunt man ON FIRE.  (I can see this one being a lot of fun!)  As usual, you get to decide what the background circumstances are and write a caption for this.  You can write from anyone’s perspective.  Be original, be creative, be creatively original.   The only rule is to keep your comments clean — this is a family-friendly site.  Now, introduction aside, let’s get to the humor!

man with fire behind him

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41 thoughts on “caption contest, man with fire behind him

  1. Thomas Wayne

    When the coach said, “I’m gonna light a fire under your butt”, Burford thought it was only a figure of speech…

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    The aftermath of another failure of Important Evil Genius. His dreams of rocket powered underwear may never come true.

  3. MangoMan

    When the convict was told he would have to stand before the firing squad this was not what he’d envisioned.

  4. Fab

    The combination of the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos got the best of this poor guy. They oughta put warning labels on such dangerous foods.

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    A scene from the stuntman Olympics, as the flame for the torch is brought into the stadium after its around the world run.

  6. Holiday Inn Express

    Hidden Camera Pranks Vol.3
    We’ve secretly replaced Jim’s backpack with napalm, let’s see if he notices.

  7. aemus

    (Little kid in front w/ mohawk helmet and fire extinguisher) : Geez dad, how many times to i have to tell you not to play with matches?

  8. aemus

    (Little kid in front w/ fire extinguisher) : Mom told me you were barbequeing again, so she sent me out here with this. . .

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