Get your super-powers here

This subject has arisen in conversations before, but I thought i'd present it here for your perusal & contemplation.   If you could wake up one day and have any superpower you wanted what would it be and how woudld you use it?  and what would you call yourself? and how would you dress? Lets use our imagination here… I think i'd be 'Gravity Man' with the power to increase or decrease the power of gravity affecting everying (except me) in my immediate surroundings… so if some punk is mouthing at you… WHAM! he's flat out on the floor feeling the effects of 20 times that of normal gravity… THAT would be cool… alternatly you could lessen gravity & watch people/stuff begin to float away… another nickname I might use would be Heavy G! & i'd wear a mohawk & dress in a manner reminiscient of Mr. T… I pity th' FOOL!

48 thoughts on “Get your super-powers here

  1. The Fabulous Flying Fat Faborigine

    I think I would fly. This would take some of the strain off my knees and back. Plus, I always wanted to burn a hole in the ozone layer, and with my A.ctive O.n C.ommand (Known as A.G.O.C.; an auxiliary power), this would be a cinch. I would have to wear something comfortable like sweats and a t-shirt, but with a mask with built in nose plug. I would masquerade as a mild-mannered couch tater by day.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I’d like to be able to control all animals. Imagine the fun you could have with that! I’d have animals follow me to work, and they could do stunts and help with pranks.

    You could get around town on a lion or elephant, and you wouldn’t have to worry about following roads or dealing with traffic lights…

    You could take a bunch of cows into Walmart with you… that would have to be a good time.

    I don’t know if there’s any birds big enough to let me ride them, but that would be quite handy…

    And I’d tell the ants to get out of my yard… they could go out in a field somewhere and all work together to build the biggest-ever ant-hill.

  3. man-of-faith

    I think a cool hero to be would be a ‘man-of-faith’.
    then anytime a problem arises you simply chunk a mountain at it… hey… it’s scriptural 🙂 I’m not really sure about a costume… maybe something with a picture of a ‘mustard seed’ on it.

  4. The Unnamed One

    I think the power to save and load real life (kinda like a video game) would be awesome. You would pretty much never make a mistake again. Plus, when you got old and decrepit, you could load up your teenage years and appreciate the good health. Not to mention the killing you would make on the stock market. It’d be kinda like a time machine that would let you go back to any point in your life. Plus, you could do some really stupid “Hey ya’ll, watch this” stunts, and then when you break every bone in your body, just reload and you’ll be fine.

  5. Beppo

    I’d like to have the power of instant memorization. Where I could read through the Bible and store every single verse in my head for quick reference at any time. Imagine how much info you could learn and cross-reference in real-time!

  6. Mango-Man

    I’d want the power of ‘virtualization’… that way if got tired of working I could just go off & leave a virtual ‘me’ (optical illusion) working at my desk… it’d be great for pranks too… the office manager would be like… how did a 900 pound pink rhino get on the 3rd floor of my building? or when somebody claims I dont have any friends suddenly all these people start walking up from nowhere saying things like “hey buddy great to see you”

    If I ever decided to do super-hero work i’d call myself MIRAGE or Mr Illusion or something… but I wouldn’t wear tights… there are some things I dont think the would is ready to see… not to mention it just being R.O.N.G. Wrong!

  7. Thomas Wayne

    I have a few more ideas :

    * be able to eat all you want without gaining weight

    * to change traffic lights by your thoughts

    * to hear other people’s thoughts (when you want to)

    * to make people laugh anytime you try to be funny

    * energy field around you, on command; and where you can shoot lightning bolts from your fingers

  8. Mango-Man

    I’d also like to have the power that if I wanted to buy anything all I had to do was reach in my pocket & i’d always find the exact amount needed for a purchase… whether it be a $1.98 for some candy or $200,012.51 for a top end sports car. that way i’d never go without… unless someone stole my pants. hmm…

  9. Buck Elvis

    I would want to power to make people say whatever I wanted them to, sorta like on Bruce Almighty. I’d love to make all the newscasters end every sentance with, “Because my butt smells.” … Well, Mitch, It looks like it’s going to be a really sunny day because my butt smells… Today in Baghdad, 20 insurgents were killed due to a bomb because my butt smells…
    It would make bad news seem kinda lighthearted and make other crap kinda funny.

  10. System Administrator

    Buck Elvis,

    You are today’s lucky winner. I hereby grant you the power you requested, because my butt smells…

  11. LordWabbit

    I would be negative man, everyone would automatically become contrary when I am around and argue around in circles for no good purpose other than to annoy, and infuriate. I would leave millions of irate ppl in my wake, millions of ppl will flee when they hear vague rumours that I may be in the general vicinity. It may seem like that happens already, but my powers have not matured yet.

  12. El haydo

    please can i have the kamehameha move (ka me ha me ha) it is from goku legesy2 and when i say it a powerful blast comes out of my hands. and i think i whould like to fly because my legs get tired. i have wanted these in all my life.

  13. erlast

    I would have the power to grant wishies.i mean let’s face it what’s the point of having one power but someone might have a power out strengths you so i would just say “i wish you were dead” and you die right there

  14. Logic Man

    I would be able to solve all the worlds problems through logical understanding and precise calculation of possible outcomes of various solutions.

    Now a real super power would be to actually motivate people to follow through on my brillant, reasonable solutions.

  15. Anonymous

    So you are saying that women would need motivation?

    I mean, women aren’t logical (at least most of them aren’t) since they live by emotions rather than common sense.

    I know of a few who have no willpower to follow through on ANYTHING!

    Just wondering if anybody has done any research on the subject……..?????????

  16. Taxman

    I would like to be able to raise taxes to fund whatever I want, whenever I want to, and be able to get away with it without breaking any laws or have people riot.

    I would love to have to power to be immensely wealthy beyond anybody on the planet and not have to work hard to do it.

    Wait a minute, silly me, I already have this super(evil)power!


  17. Thomas Wayne

    Taxman, you may have some powers, but they don’t apply to all the illegal immigrants that are storming our country. You can raise the taxes, but they aren’t paying them. What do you think about that? 😮

  18. Joseph Francis norman

    I Wish I Had All The Powers In Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT And Knew How To Use Them.

    If You Could Make This A Reality Ide Love It

    Ide Dress Like Gogeta Ssj4

  19. Mr.RSvP

    I think deceptive omnipotency would be a neat gift. Like those heroes that always seem to get themselves into the darkest, most dangerous situations, and then — BAM! Out of nowhere, a new ability.

    I’d start off small, like a regular guy, and then get kidnapped and recruited by agents of Soviet Mars. Tied to a chair, I suddenly break free. “Can it be? He is — a super spy!”

    Then just keep ramping up the abilities whenever necessary, maybe throw in a fake weakness to mess with those Red Planeteers.

    “But he’s allergic to grapefruit!”

    “Not anymore! Now it’s my greatest resource!”

    Tossed out of a building — “So long, sucker! Wait — he can’t fly!!”

    “Oh yes I can!”

    “He can only life 4238 pounds… Let’s see how he handles 5000!”

    “Ha ha!!”

    Super abilities with no end — I like the sound of that! 🙂

  20. Amazing Carnie

    I’d like to be the ‘amazing carnie’. with the ability to put up a tent with some lame game and people would hand me their money to play. and then even if they won i’d just give them some pathetic little prize like a pencil or a sticker. Sure i’ll have giant stuffed prizes hanging all around, but those are just for decoration. I’d make all kinds of money!!!

  21. DDM

    I would like the ability to freeze time and unfreeze it (don’t want to get stuck frozen in time now do we?) and know how to control it. It would probablly be one of the most usefull, amazing, cheap, super powers there are.

    An example?
    Well here is one. Someone pulls out a gun, you freeze time, they have probablly pulled the trigger and you were lucky that you froze time or else you’d be dead. Well then you turn the bullet around and face it towards their head. Well when time is frozen because you moved an object it would increase its speed by 100x for its about a milisecond or faster when you freeze time for it would increase the speed. You then unfreeze time and they are then dead and then some. You could also do a lot of cheating in many different ways plus stealing and all that jazz.

  22. Mango-Man

    i’d expand on the time-freezing powers & add the ability to go back in time. that way if you wanted to use your time freezing powers for good, you could hear about a robbery, freeze time… go back a bit and arrest them that morning while they are still in bed, or on the turlet! 🙂

    In a sense time freezing could also give the impression that you are super fast… or could disappear… to use ddm’s example, someone pulls a gun on you. you freeze time… smack on them for a bit, take their gun, and stomp their big toe. when you freeze time he thinks all this has happened in an instant. Alternately you could just freeze time, & leave… then when you started time back the would-be robber will think you’ve disappeared… or that the rapture has happened… who knows maybe that would ‘wake’ him up and show him the error of his ways thinking the rapture had happened and he was left…

  23. quantum(superhuman name)

    i want to have and need to have super strength, super speed and being able to fly. i would really need that to show i’m stronger, faster and that i could fly please i need these powers i need to be asuperhuman to help people and animals and to save the world please give me the powers.

  24. Thomas Wayne

    While we’re just freely handing out super powers, I’ll take one of each. 🙂

    A neat idea for a superhero would be if he had a lot of powers, but they randomly cycled in and out. So he’d have to make do with what he had at the moment. This would probably make an interesting movie or TV series…

  25. Mango-Man

    TW I like that idea… or better yet make the powers kind of Macgyver-esque in that the powers the hero has is determined by the objects around. for example: on no… i’m stuck in a pit, and the bomb timer is almost done counting done to zero! what to do? no fear! I just found a piece of used chewing gum under a chair and a ball of lint in my pocket! which of course means I can freeze time while I escape…

  26. nyathigi

    i think it would be great to have the power of shapeshift it would be fab i would call my self the amazing thing i know its bad but i will always be shapeshifting i will help those in danger

  27. patrica stump

    i want telekineises. i always wanted that power.
    i tryed every thing to get super powers but, the rest of the sites were to stupid to help me. i tryed everything to get them. so i want telekineises,
    please. thank you.

  28. im not dumb!! LOL

    i cant choose one!!! if i cud i wud choose all of them lollllllllllll…. plzzzzz gimme all!! but if only one i wud control and read ppls minds

  29. i have real super powers

    i have got the power to read peoples mind to control them, control objects around me and to go invisable it is awsome you can wish i found out i had them in primary when i looked at a chair looked somewere else the chair flew away and the teacher fell onto the floor and broke her bum bone it was funny but for me it was fasanating i was scared like what have i done how did i do it why do i have powers why do you look like a normal child i tryed it againon my cuz he fell and broke his arm then told heim after wards that is was me he was fasanated just like i was he said could i do anything else i said yes he said awsome but then he said can you pass it on i looked it up on the internet and find out i could he said he wanted the same powers as me he fell asleep and i bit him on his hand on the vains he woke up and tryed braking my arm but instead broke his arm thinking he was clever i said you stup super powered freak he looked at me i looked at him we both burst out laughing ever since we have never been apart we were like best friends in a cat fight never stop until we have enough now i have a little sister at the age of 4 she battered me and really badly damaged my powers now i have stronger powers than everyone in my family if u look it all up you wont find anything we have been dead for 163 years now and it took me 5 saeconds to write all of this xx reply if you want to know more

    1. Thomas Wayne

      I’m “fasanated” by his ignorance of grammar. I am even more convinced there needs to be a super power of using proper English.

      And it’s hard to decipher what this is actually saying because of the ambiguity created when you use no punctuation whatsoever. Still, it seems odd that his 4-year-old sister damaged his powers but it made him more powerful than anyone in his family. And even though he’s been dead 163 years, he’s still writing on the Internet. I reckon the Internet allows you to live forever…

      Actually, I plan to live forever… so far, so good!

  30. Avril Lavigne Rocks

    I would turn invisible. But i can’t think of a superhero name. Besides i wouldn’t fight crime or anything. Just be able to turn invisible when i want to.

  31. andres

    i wouold have the ppower to control reality and all of creation. with that power i can do anything i want just by imagining or thinking it, i can even have other side powers from imagining myselfe with them. i would be unstopable

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