caption contest, two people with phones on head

It’s just another manic Monday… which I will make better with a new caption contest!  This week’s photo goes way back — back into time — to an era when the world was still in black and white, and phone technology was still new.  I have absolutely no actual context for this picture, so I’m depending on you to figure out what could possibly be going on here.

two people with phones on head

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31 thoughts on “caption contest, two people with phones on head

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    This is actually a very rare promotional picture for a proposed Alfred Hitchock film that was never completed, ‘The Phones’. It tells the story of how humanity was attacked and enslaved by phones.

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    It wasn’t until after filming began that the director realized the movie was called Coneheads, not Phoneheads.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    We told the guy at Radio Shack we wanted those new-fangled headphones. I don’t know why he kept laughing while we were leaving, though…

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Time has forgotten Dick Tracy’s lesser nemesis, the evil Phoneface (and his wife who didn’t grasp the concept of a disguise).

  5. Bag O' Donuts

    The phone screeched across the room, latched on to the man’s face, and is now forcing an egg into his esophagus. In a few days a cell phone will burst from his chest. And that, my friend, is how Nokias are made.

  6. Mr. Destructo

    I’m sure this was part of some type of evil plot by the Important Evil Genius to conquer the entire Tri-State area, but it’s so lame I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish…

  7. Thomas Wayne

    Back when the world was in black & white, there weren’t costume stores or even pre-made costumes for parties or Halloween, so people had to use everyday household items and just make do. Unfortunately this was lame.

  8. Beppo

    “Are you sure everyone will be dressed like this?”

    “It’s Alexander Graham Bell’s funeral… duh… what else are we going to wear?”

  9. MangoMan

    this picture is so backwards, the woman should be the one with multiple mouthpieces… everyone knows that women talk more than men! maybe that’s why the woman has the cord wrapped around her neck? she’s distraught cause she can’t express herself like she wants.

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