improving Trump’s NFT digital trading cards

Before the randomness, here’s the backstory in case you hadn’t heard about it (which is somewhat random on its own).

Recently former President Donald Trump teased a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” coming up, so some people wondered if he was creating his own political party or announcing his Vice-President. Well, apparently “MAJOR” has different meanings for some people. His big news was that he’s selling digital trading cards (NFTs) of himself in Photoshopped images for $99 each.

What’s funny about it is how the video commercial was done, and how crazy the cards are (in that they don’t represent his actual life at all). See for yourself: Collect Trump Cards. He tries to make a couple of self-deprecating comments, but you know it’s not sincere because he immediately says he’s better than Lincoln and Washington. You can win a chance for dinner with him. It might be eating hamburgers at McDonald’s. 🙂 Watching the video, I wonder if Trump refused to do any reshoots of his presentation or if all the other takes were somehow worse. 🙂

He says in the video that these make “a great Christmas gift”. What follows is just my advice, so do whatever you want with it, but I’d recommend to NOT give one of these to anybody even if they’re a big Trump fan. They are NFTs, which mean they exist in the “cloud” (or, rather, blockchain). Basically, you’re getting a picture that is stored on someone else’s computer. And despite the hype around NFTs, I do not think they are a good investment. (Although standard disclaimers apply with any investing advice. I’m not a professional investing agent, but I will not be buying these. However, while I don’t recommend buying NFTs for investment, I wouldn’t be against selling them if someone wants to give me $99 for a picture I made on my computer. It’s a good deal for the person selling them, but not for most people buying them.) Instead of a Christmas gift, this is a Christmas grift. He’s just after your money.

Supposedly there were 45,000 copies generated, and they are now sold out. That’s sad, that that many people gave him money for not much in return. Also, regarding “value”, each time you sell one, “there will be a 10% royalty on the sale price that will be paid back to the creator”.

Okay, let’s get back on track here (meaning randomness). The reality is sad, and while it was supposed to be “MAJOR”, it was lame. So let’s take it up a notch! Someone needs to create some real trading cards (and not NFTs) that depict the more hilarious parts of Trump’s lifestyle. (Remember that these cards were supposed to be showing “really incredible artwork pertaining to my life and my career”, but, none of them do, except maybe the golf one.) So here’s some ideas:

  • Trump with the buffet of cheeseburgers at a White House dinner
  • Trump flushing documents down the toilet
  • Rudy Giuliani’s press conference at The Four Seasons Total Landscaping
  • Trump saluting a North Korean general
  • Covfefe
  • Trump redrawing a hurricane’s path with a Sharpie
  • Trump saying his tax returns are big and beautiful, and they will be released in two weeks
  • Trump saying he exchanged “beautiful letters” with North Korea’s leader and they “fell in love”
  • Trump saying he will release the “irrefutable evidence” of voter fraud in two days (which he never did)
  • Trump losing the 2020 election by over 7 million votes
  • Trump selling NFT cards

I glanced on eBay and there are a number of Trump parody cards for sale, including several Garbage Pail Kids variations. A search, if you want to see for yourself: Donald Trump parody cards.

Update: I wrote the above a while back, and now some guys have made “Honest Trump Cards”, showing him in front of a small piece of border wall that was built, and Trump mocking a disabled man, Trump pouting from losing the 2020 election, Trump behind jail bars, Trump with burgers and fries, etc. You can see them here: Honest Trump Cards NFTs. Some of them are silly, which fits with the theme, but my favorite is him in front of a partial border wall. He made such a big deal of building a wall (which is not a bad idea), how he was the businessman to get it done and make Mexico pay for it, yet it was an epic fail. It fits in with his career resume, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

3 thoughts on “improving Trump’s NFT digital trading cards

  1. Important Political Analyst

    $99 for a JPEG. It’s like he’s actually trying to embarrass his supporters.

    An interesting tidbit is that the company behind the selling of these NFTs is mysterious, in that nobody knows anything about it, but it’s linked to another third-party shell company, which has a questionable history, and it’s linked to another shell company that nobody knows anything about. And they’re all founded in Delaware, so the names of the officers and directors do not have to be disclosed. (FYI, Trump has a history of using hundreds of shell companies so he can hide the flow of money. It’s not just him though — some other rich people do it, too, to hide what they’re doing with their money.) The address of one of them is Trump’s golf club, while another is for a UPS store, while another is in Wyoming and is an address with known connections to criminal operations.


    On the website it said there was a strict limit that nobody could buy more than 100 cards. Why would there be that limit if his goal is to make money? Well, there are reasons… 100 cards at $99 each amounts to $9,900 — or a mere $100 less than $10,000, the required limit that the Bank of Secrecy Act imposes on transactions that must be reported. “So he can get more than $4.3 million dollars and never have to disclose a single one of the transactions involved.” So if money was coming from questionable sources, no one has to know. Coincidence?

  2. Thomas Wayne

    This was a very Trumpian move, for several reasons. 1) It’s all about him and how he pretends to be, not grounded in reality at all. 2) It’s to get his supporters to give him money. 3) The timing is bad from a business standpoint — the NFT market just crashed like 90% in recent weeks. 4) The underlying business appears shady and hidden.

    Also, some people think Trump’s team (whoever made the NFT cards) stole the images from other sources. It would not be surprising at all..


    The first comment is amusing: “Imagine paying $99.00 for a Trump superhero card, then complaining about the price of gasoline and groceries.”

  3. Thomas Wayne

    He released a second wave of NFTs, and they are even more outlandish than the originals.

    I can’t believe people are buying these all up so quickly. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is a money-laundering scheme.

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