caption contest, man with holograms at old computers

I’m not one to get stuck on tradition, but having a new caption contest every Monday seems like a good plan.  So here goes.

Explain what’s going on in this picture.  Remember, any type of humor is appreciated (as long as it’s clean).  You can make puns, one-liners, jokes, irony, satire, tie-ins with current news, or science-fiction.  You can even create a short story that ties in with this picture.   (Just remember that a picture is worth only a thousands words — no more.)  🙂  Basically, what I’m saying is, take the box walls down and let your thoughts roam, to see what you can come up with.

man with holographic images of himself at old computers

You can click on the picture to bring up a larger version.

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29 thoughts on “caption contest, man with holograms at old computers

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Man in picture: “You may think I’m just a nerd, but I have created holographic replicas of myself behind me, using only the computing power of the Tandy TRS-80. So what do you say now? … Well, I guess that still makes me a nerd… but you have to admit, holographic images are groovy!”

  2. PBS Producer

    (Music plays) It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a neighborly day for a neighbor, would you be mine, won’t you be mine?……….(Music ends)

    Hi neighbor holograms! It’s a beautiful day in the office isn’t it? Today we’re going to show you what a 40 year old Thomas Wayne looks like. I don’t like being judgmental, but Thomas Wayne really looks like a geek. But that’s ok, because he’s special and you’re special just for being you.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Now with my league of business casual clones, I can accomplish 6X the work, so I should get a raise of 6X my current salary. Just send me the check for all of them.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    The Important Evil Genius is at it again. Using the low-budget, outdated computer technology of the “Trash 80” PC, he thinks he can conquer the world. Unfortunately for him, even if those holographic images are real, they can’t be used to conquer the world. They can’t do anything except be seen. Once again, his “plan” has failed…

  5. Bag O' Donuts

    “I have to wear these glasses now because she blinded me with science. She hit me with technology. She blinded me with science!”

  6. Important Doctor

    Those aren’t ‘really’ holograms… it’s actually the “effervescence of my flatu-lescence”… that’s right!!! i’m breaking wind all over the office! AND in your chair no less!!!

  7. anonymous programmer

    Billion-dollar IT corporation Axicom is experimenting with holographic workers, in another attempt to layoff more people…

  8. Computecker

    Yes!! We will flood the tech world with obselete programs of programs to run our programs from a chair in a cheese hut in New Guinea. excellent!

    Technology will be the end of mankind. With computers doing everything, nobody is able to work. Ha-ha-ha!

    The Evil Genius with his great knowledge of world anarchy and mayhem, has devised our glorious destruction! I salute him.
    I dedicate my Vista to the Temple of his superior intellect!

  9. Thomas Wayne

    Yes, this suit is made from wool and polyester. Why do you ask?

    [guffawing is heard in the background]

    Why are you laughing? This suit exudes professionalism, and it was fly when I bought it!

  10. Beppo

    No, I don’t plan on upgrading my computers! Why would I? These monochrome monitors (with green text instead of plain white or amber!), the power of the Tandy TRS-80 chip, and the speedy 300 baud modems… are awesome! You can’t buy computers this excellent any more, not even at Radio Shack!

  11. Thomas Wayne

    “My plan to replace my coworkers with holographic clones of myself is working! No one can stop me now! MUWAHAHA!”

  12. Thomas Wayne

    Since I’m wearing a suit coat, I can keep my pocket protector in the inside pocket, thereby concealing my nerdiness! Is that not cool? Hyuck hyuck!

  13. Beppo

    “Why do you people insist on looking down on me because I’m a nerd?!? Behind the big glasses, pocket protectors, and out-of-date clothes, we have feelings, too!”

  14. Thomas Wayne

    “See that picture on the wall? That’s the company founder, Joe Bigbucks. He has trapped me in this building for 20 years and forced me to work for him, but SOON my army of holographic minions will be ready to surround his house and exact our revenge!”

  15. Thomas Wayne

    With my holographic clones all helping, my continued computations of the Fibonacci Sequence will grow at a record pace! And then I will be famous, and people will give me awards and money, and women will realize how cool I am behind this dorky appearance. Yes, all the pieces of my plan are falling into place!

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