funny pictures, episode 7

It’s been a while since I made of post of just funny pictures.  Today’s collection covers a wide range of topics: Apple’s iPad, Winnie the Pooh, swine flu, how (not) to clean computers, and Glenn Beck giving weather forecasts.   So it’s something for everyone.  (Well, there’s no explosions… or bacon… but maybe next time I’ll incorporate those, too.)

Someone got their hands on a pre-release iPad Pro...
For when you just can't find enough ways to express your nerdiness...
Proof that swine flu paranoia is out of hand.
Sometimes there just isn't a logical explanation...
Gotta do something to get rid of those dust bunnies...
I'm pretty sure this voids the warranty.
When Glenn Beck forecasts the weather.

You’re welcome to share any funny comments you may have about any of these pictures.

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caption contest, man with holograms at old computers

I’m not one to get stuck on tradition, but having a new caption contest every Monday seems like a good plan.  So here goes.

Explain what’s going on in this picture.  Remember, any type of humor is appreciated (as long as it’s clean).  You can make puns, one-liners, jokes, irony, satire, tie-ins with current news, or science-fiction.  You can even create a short story that ties in with this picture.   (Just remember that a picture is worth only a thousands words — no more.)  🙂  Basically, what I’m saying is, take the box walls down and let your thoughts roam, to see what you can come up with.

man with holographic images of himself at old computers

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