caption contest, golfers with bear

It’s time for our weekly caption contest.  Since I’ve been hearing a lot about golf on TV (something about Tiger Woods trying to win the U.S. Open), I figured I’d post a golf-related picture this time.   But this is golf-gone-bad, in that a bear has entered the green (putting area), and the golfers might be in for a bad day.  So figure out what the golfers might be thinking or saying, or what the bear is thinking, or what the TV announcers might say in this situation.  And share that caption in a comment, for us all to enjoy.

golfers with bear

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28 thoughts on “caption contest, golfers with bear

  1. Thomas Wayne

    “Oh, bother. I still haven’t figured out which club to use. Where is my caddy? Why are you running away, boy? Get back here! I ain’t paying you to run from bears!”

  2. Fab

    This is the ever-challenging 16th hole. It is a 533 yard dog-leg par 5 with a water hazard, sand traps on two sides and a deadly animal hazard on the green.

  3. mangoman

    Hey someone must have read our post on making golf more interesting, and are now including actual ‘hazards’. 🙂

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    With TV’s new efforts to fit golf tournaments in along with regular programing, they are trying to speed up the normally relaxing all afternoon playtimes to something that can fit a half-hour timeslot.

    Golfers don’t like the new rules though, saying that the change in pace is unbearable.

      1. Bag O' Donuts

        How about: “I smell trouble a-BRUIN on the 9 hole, Steve!” …you know, like a-brewin’ but it’s a bear.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Normally Bob the Bear just slept through golf, but the guy in white (I think his name is Mango-Man) ripped a fart so loud that the bear was awakened from hibernation and was none too pleased.

  6. Holiday Inn Express

    The golfers here are running away because the bear is about to tee off. See, the bear is yelling ‘Fore’. But the bear is at the wrong end of the course.

    And that’s why bears aren’t allowed to play golf.

  7. Holiday Inn Express

    The latest development in the struggle to keep husbands home on nice weekends (so that they can paint the fence, fix that squeaky cabinet, and finish cleaning out the garage like they promised), the RoboBear 9000 is seen here undergoing trials at an unnamed course.
    One golfer, who asked not to be named, called the robot “fairly believable”. Another questioned the logic behind building a robot bear instead of a robot fence painter.

  8. Crappo the Clown

    Guy on left: “RUN!”
    Guy in middle: “Run?!? What do you think I am — an athlete? I’m just a golfer.”

  9. Thomas Wayne

    This kind of thing would make golf a lot more interesting to watch… And since there’s no chance of that happening in reality, it needs to be implemented in golf video games…

  10. ron

    “sir run theres a bear”
    “this is the last hole and if i make this put i win”
    ” but sir….”
    “gimme the **** putter im making this shot”

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