pro golfing gone wrong

I don’t know much about golf, except that you hit the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.  I am somewhat familiar with the scoring, from video games.  I do know that taking 16 shots on a par 4 is extremely bad for a pro.  (FYI, par is what’s normal/expected.)

Last week a pro golfer named Kevin Na shot a 16 on the ninth hole in the Texas Open, for the second-worst score on a single hole in PGA Tour history.  This is what you would call a debacle.  This video is a summary of it from SportsCenter on ESPN.

Is it bad when your caddy lost count of your score?  And then during the shot summary your caddy says, “You whiffed at 8.”  I understand amateurs swinging and missing, but it’s got to be rare for pros to whiff.

If you want to see how Kevin Na dealt with it between shots, here’s the full telecast of just that one hole.

It’s funny that at 0:47 in the video he says, “What are the chances of me getting out of here?”  He’s likely talking about hitting the ball out of the extreme rough / deep woods.  You don’t want to hear that.  But in the back of his mind he might be wishing for an escape tunnel, so he can get out of there before this makes all the sports highlights for the wrong reasons.  (This did make #1 on ESPN’s “not top ten” plays for the week.)

John Daly holds the record for the highest score on a single hole at a PGA Tour event, with 18.  That was a par 5.  I heard he hit several in the water.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a video clip of that one, but a quick glance online didn’t find it.

I’ve heard there’s a 5 minute limit to find your ball or you’re penalized.  It would’ve been better for Kevin Na if he had never found his ball…

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caption contest, golf cart on fire

As I was watching SportsCenter earlier, there was talk of the upcoming golf tournament The Masters, so I thought maybe a golf picture would be good for this week’s caption contest.   But I don’t have one that would be open to many captions, plus we’ve done that before.   So how about a photo of a golf cart… ON FIRE!

This picture really needs an explanation.   There is a stack of chairs, a fire extinguisher, and a golf cart on fire, yet no one is around.  Something unusual happened here, but I don’t know what.  So figure out what could’ve happened… in a funny way, of course.

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the world’s worst golfers

I was changing channels on TV the other day, when I saw an LPGA golf tournament on.  Normally I wouldn’t stop at all, but the timing worked out just right for me to see a group of people walking around a cluster of bushes and the announcer saying, “The player has 5 minutes to find their ball.”  I didn’t see the shot, but it must’ve been pretty bad…

A funny reality TV idea might be The World’s Worst Golfers.  They’ve already got the world’s worst drivers (which was entertaining, in the episodes I saw) and there’s the world’s worst chefs (which doesn’t sound entertaining, unless it’s intentionally way over the top).  This show could use “real” golf announcers who talked about how they’ve never seen anything like that before and how inconceivable it is.  I don’t know if you can imagine the potential of that, but I know that when I play a golf video game (which is rarely), I usually try crazy shots like banking the ball off a nearby tree or building, and the announcers rarely grasp the awesomeness of it.  I realize that’s a lot of extra programming to include in a game, but in a TV show it would be a lot easier.  You could even let the player’s friends do the commentary.  There’s potential with that…

While searching for an image to use with this post, I came across this one, which is copyrighted so I won’t show it here, but you can follow the link to Flickr.

waste management and golf

Those two topics don’t seem to really go together, do they?  But I recently heard someone on TV talking about a golf tournament called the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  You’d think they could find a better-named sponsor than that…  Of course, waste management is an important business — someone’s gotta do it — but the name doesn’t really imply a high-prestige golf tournament, in my opinion.  I know the tournament sells the naming rights to make money, but perhaps a line should be drawn somewhere…

And why is a waste management company spending big bucks on advertising?  They could just use a slogan like “We’ll take your crap!”  People would talk about that on their own, obviously.