Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship

Now there’s a Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship.  People from around the world went to Finland to compete.  The gold medal winner threw his phone 292 feet (which is about the length of a football field).  One contestant said three things were needed to compete : technical skills, power, and a sense of humor.

If they can make this into a sport that’s getting big headlines, we should make up our own sport.  We can have trophies, T-shirts, nachos, burgers — the works.  We’ll do it right.  And when it gets all popular, we’ll get some advertisers to donate food and stuff.  So let’s see… what could we do?  Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship

  1. Thomas Wayne

    That reminds me, there’s a place in Texas that plays cow-patty bingo… they mark the pasture off in squares, then people watch to see which number & letter is “called”.

    I don’t want to throw cow patties, really… when you get poop under your fingernails, it’s tough to get the smell out sometimes…

    If you want to have poo-flingin’, let’s get some monkeys! That could be interesting…

  2. Man with wife on his back

    I recently heard about a wife carrying contest. Apparently, contestants have to care their wives a pre-specified distance. The prize is the wife’s weight in beer. I think I can win this hands down with all of the practice I get. My wife is always on my back.

  3. Mango-Man

    I think we should sponsor an “iron-woman” contest…

    In a nut-shell we ‘sponsor’ our women by buying them a new iron.
    and they compete against each other for prizes by seeing who can
    iron the most clothes… so what if they lose? At least we wont have to iron our own clothes 🙂

    As a bonus we could have Los Amigos as an advertiser where they donate food and cheesedip for they guys to eat while the women are busy ‘competing’.

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