hair bands of the ’80s

The decade of the ’80s saw some tacky fashion trends, too many to name here, but one that stands out is the “hair band”, where guys in rock bands had long hair — sometimes even with perms. Ugh!

Be forewarned that the following pictures are not for the squeamish. If you can withstand the tackiness, look beyond the big hair and notice what some of them are wearing. I was a child of the ’80s, so fortunately I didn’t get too caught up in that craziness. But looking back, you have to wonder how in the world people thought that was cool!

hair bands from the '80s, 1

hair bands from the '80s, 2

hair bands from the '80s, 3

hair bands from the '80s, 4

hair bands from the '80s, 5

hair bands from the '80s, 6

Can anyone explain how that was ever considered fashionable? I have no idea… Did we just overlook that because some of the music was good? Could there be any other possible explanation?

16 thoughts on “hair bands of the ’80s

  1. R.I.P the '80s

    It seems that there was a generation of men confused about their gender preferences. šŸ˜› I’m glad the ’90s came along to correct past societal woes. LONG LIVE THE FANNY PACK, PARACHUTE PANTS, AND GRUNDGE ROCK!

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Yeah! Yeah!

      But I’m not sure which one he is in that picture. I’ve blocked out certain parts of the ’80s to preserve my sanity. Maybe he can explain.

      1. Thomas Wayne

        Wasn’t that one of those Fraudian slips? See, you remember. Maybe one day VH1 will call you to be on one of those no-hit wonders / where are they now shows…

    2. mangoman

      HEY!!! I could have been a one hit wonder if I wanted.
      All I needed was 1 insanely popular release.
      If i’d have had one of those i’d have EASILY been a one hit wonder!

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    5th picture down. Since when do hair metal bands get their pictures taken at the same place as the 6th grade yearbook photos? Also, how did that dude get my jacket!?

      1. Thomas Wayne

        Watch what you say, man! You don’t want the System Administrator to get onto you for that kind of talk!

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Perhaps so. (I’m not that old.) But they probably didn’t get perms or wear leopard leotards or just look that stupid all-around. The ’80s were a fashion debacle!

  3. Chuck

    80’s band were great. Some of today’s music is too much into talking about sex. Unless you lived the 80’s you won’t appreciate the music.

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