hair bands of the ’80s

The decade of the ’80s saw some tacky fashion trends, too many to name here, but one that stands out is the “hair band”, where guys in rock bands had long hair — sometimes even with perms. Ugh!

Be forewarned that the following pictures are not for the squeamish. If you can withstand the tackiness, look beyond the big hair and notice what some of them are wearing. I was a child of the ’80s, so fortunately I didn’t get too caught up in that craziness. But looking back, you have to wonder how in the world people thought that was cool!

hair bands from the '80s, 1

hair bands from the '80s, 2

hair bands from the '80s, 3

hair bands from the '80s, 4

hair bands from the '80s, 5

hair bands from the '80s, 6

Can anyone explain how that was ever considered fashionable? I have no idea… Did we just overlook that because some of the music was good? Could there be any other possible explanation?

new G.I. Joe cartoon – Resolute

Recently I saw a new G.I. Joe cartoon on TV.  Actually, it was more of a movie, called Resolute.  It was on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (which I don’t watch often, but happened to find this).

If you like action movies and/or the original G.I. Joe cartoon, you will like this.   The story was great, the graphics were great, and the sound was incredible — movie-quality (and featuring lots of bass).  (Although the web version doesn’t have quite the graphical and sound quality; if you can catch it on TV, do so.)

But this is not your ’80s G.I. Joe!  By that, I mean that people actually die sometimes.   (If you were growing up in the ’80s, you probably remember how it was — on cartoons and even TV shows like the A-Team, no one ever died, and they made sure to not even imply it.)

There are several parts to this one episode, and all together it may be close to an hour in length.   So it takes some time.  But if you have any interest in it, I highly recommend watching it.

Click here to watch it.