caption contest, people on porch watching wildfire

I figure you can’t have too many caption contests that have fire in them, can you?  Either way, this week’s episode does.

It you want actual context, this is a fire on Mount McLean in Canada.  But of course, you are welcome (and encouraged) to make up your own story / backstory for this.  There’s lots of potential here, with a group of people sitting on their back porch watching a raging wildfire.  What are they talking about?  What will they do?  Who is responsible for this catastrophe?

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30 thoughts on “caption contest, people on porch watching wildfire

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Hidden Camera Prank: We’ve secretly replaced the meteor shower with a mountain of fire. Let’s see if they notice.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    When the golf course somehow managed to run gasoline through the irrigation system rather than water, the inevitable results were quite impressive.

  3. MangoMan

    Baseball-capped man in the middle to standing guy says “well Bob… you are right! your new 240” hdtv ROCKS!!! it’s a pity that after buying it you can’t afford any furniture but camping chairs to watch it from.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    This could’ve been caused by a thrown cigarette, or an abandoned campfire, or (far less plausible, but theoretically possible, depending on which ill-defined Grand Unifying Theory of physics one subscribes to), some random fluctuation in the space-time continuum might have produced a shatteringly brief but nonetheless real electromagnetic discombobulation which caused the mountain to spontaneously combust into flames.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Man in middle: “Burford, I’m sure glad you suggested we get that helicopter last week just in case something like this happened. It’s almost like you knew something…”

  6. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t know what happened, but I bet you a dollar a donut that the Important Evil Genius is behind this… Wait, I take that back — he’s too incompetent to cause this much devastation… unless maybe he accidentally blew up his secret lair that was in the base of a volcano… I could see that happening…

  7. BeBop


    Beppo, MangoMan, Holiday Inn Express, and BeBop attend the Bachelor Pad Reunion and **”celebrate” outside Beppo’s back porch!

    **Nobody from said Bachelor Pad claims responsibility for above “celebration”.

  8. Important Philosopher

    Some oxygen molecules help fires burn while others help to make water. So, sometimes it’s brother against brother.

  9. Fab

    I guess Mr. Destructo (if that’s his real name) had his flame-thrower revenge on the bird in the previous caption contest. This just goes to show that you don’t mess with a man’s ice cream cone!

  10. Crappo the Clown

    Woman: “Honey, are we in danger?”
    Man in middle: “The wind is obviously blowing in a southerly direction, so we’re okay.”
    Boy on right: “I got your southerly wind!”

  11. Thomas Wayne

    Man in middle: “I seem to remember some guy at work named Milton Waddams mumbling something about setting the building on fire if they took his stapler, but I didn’t know he was serious!”

  12. Holiday Inn Express

    Fall in this forest is quite spectacular. The leaves turn a bright shade of red, yellow, and orange.

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