Where’s the posts?

More posts are coming... Such antics aren't necessary... Really, quit, because you're scaring me.

For the regular readers here, you may be wondering where all the new posts are.  Don’t worry, for they are still in the pipeline.  The R&D department continues to send along e-mails full of randomness.  It’s just that I format and publish it all, and I’ve been crazy-busy the past 2 weeks with my recording studio.  Things should be back to normal this next week.

There are posts coming up about trains, trucks, prison, and rain.  Hmm, sounds like it should be a country song!  There are also upcoming posts about explosions.  Y’know, there should be more songs about explosions.  At least the music video would be awesome!  (Do people still watch music videos anymore?)

I just wanted you to know what’s up.  The upcoming posts queue is filling up, and soon there may be a deluge of new content, so hold on.

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