caption contest, Big Belly Deli

This week I’ve got a funny picture for the caption contest.  There’s a man of rotund proportions standing outside a restaurant / cafe called Big Belly Deli.  Yeah, the joke is obvious, but there are a lot of caption possibilities with this one.  If you get stuck trying to think of something to write, consider what you’d say in that situation, or suppose you were the one taking the picture, or suppose you’re the announcer for a commercial.  Think outside the box to come up with original captions.

Big Belly Deli

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26 thoughts on “caption contest, Big Belly Deli

  1. Fab

    I don’t remember visiting Newport Beach, California but that fat guy is even wearing some of my clothes!

  2. Fab

    After a long wait, Fab finally sees the “Open” sign light up. So he calls in sick to work and prepares for a long day at his favorite eatery.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Three Double Pastrami Sandwiches… $25.00.
    One Bottomless Diet Cola… $2.00.
    Picture of you and your big belly posted on Buffet o’ Blog… Priceless.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    This could be a motivational poster that says : “Sometimes destiny is right behind you.”

  5. Thomas Wayne

    “Hello, Bob? Yeah… really funny. Big Belly Deli. Yeah, I get it.”
    “You’re where, now?”
    “Across the street?”
    “With a camera?”
    “Man, that ain’t right! It better not go online!”

  6. mangoman

    lady in window: “okay, he’s gone! turn off the ‘open’ sign. I guess that’s what we get for having an all you can eat buffet. That guy has managed to singlehandedly put us out of business.”

  7. The Fluffy One

    Hey, this Deli paid me 20 bucks to go advertise for their establishment. I asked them what costume i had to wear and they told me none was needed.

    Now I know why….:(

  8. Thomas Wayne

    “Hello, 911? I’m at Big Belly Deli, and I ordered the all-you-eat sandwich plan like I always do, and they told me they were out! I need those sandwiches, or there’s gonna be trouble!”

  9. Thomas Wayne

    Roger, plagued for years with excessive self-esteem, followed his doctor’s orders to stand one hour a day outside the one place where he knew he’d be the butt of every Internet hipster’s joke. It was cheaper than meds, but he missed his lunch hour.

  10. Thomas Wayne

    How convenient it is that they have an ATM inside, so you can keep eating until you totally run out of money!

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