decorating for Halloween

A couple of us here are talking about helping a friend decorate for Halloween.  He’s just not getting into it very much, but we’ve got the ultimate plan.  Picture this :

A jack o’lantern made of poop… then set on fire…

How cool would that be?  You’d have the Halloween colors : black and orange.  And it would certainly amuse the local trick-or-treaters.  🙂

We told our friend about this, but he’s unable to see how cool this would be, so we might just surprise him that night with it, by putting it in on his front porch when it starts getting dark.

5 thoughts on “decorating for Halloween

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  2. mangoman

    I don’ think so! and btw… don’t be surprised if one day you come home and ‘someone’ has taken a crap in the middle of your kitchen floor!’ 🙂

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  4. Mango-Man

    if any type of flaming poo (pumkins, bags or otherwise) shows up on my property you can bet it will be met with ‘fire’ of my own… that is the ‘firing’ of my 12-gauge and blowing it to smithereens!

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