caption contest, basketball player lost his shoe

Another Monday, another caption contest.  This week, I’m featuring another basketball photo.  This is of Boston Celtics player Rajon Rondo, where something went wrong during the game and he lost his shoe and ended up on the floor.  Figure out what might’ve happened here, and let us know in a comment.  (Of course, just about any explanation is acceptable, no matter how far-fetched.  Remember, the goal here is to be funny.)

basketball - Rajon Rondo losing his shoe

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14 thoughts on “caption contest, basketball player lost his shoe

  1. Mr. Destructo

    The Important Evil Genius developed an anti-shoe-inator ray, designed to impair people everyone, so he could conquer the entire Tri-State area. Fortunately, the only effects it caused was much laughter. Once again, his plans have failed in a big way.

    1. Important Evil Genius

      Mr. Destructo you are WAY off base (as always). I think you have me confused with the Evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz from the Phineas and Ferb show. If I was responsible for this it would be because I slipped the player a ‘heavy gravity’ belt.

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