caption contest, basketball player lost his shoe

Another Monday, another caption contest.  This week, I’m featuring another basketball photo.  This is of Boston Celtics player Rajon Rondo, where something went wrong during the game and he lost his shoe and ended up on the floor.  Figure out what might’ve happened here, and let us know in a comment.  (Of course, just about any explanation is acceptable, no matter how far-fetched.  Remember, the goal here is to be funny.)

basketball - Rajon Rondo losing his shoe

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add your own captions, basketball photo

It’s now time for another caption contest.  Since the NCAA Tournament (March Madness) just completed and the NBA playoffs are approaching, I’m going to use a basketball-themed picture this time.

The “rules” are the same as last time.  You can make up what one of the people in the picture is saying (whether the primary ones or the onlookers), or you can write commentary or analysis for it like you’re an announcer.  Or you can just write what you think about it.  So figure out what you would say here.  (There is one rule — keep it clean.)

basketball dunk with charging foul