explaining Dennis Rodman as U.S. ambassador

Recently Dennis Rodman met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and then he went to Rome to hopefully meet with the new Pope.  I haven’t heard a valid explanation of how this could’ve happened.  Rodman was a basketball star in the NBA years ago, but is he famous in North Korea?  Or did he achieve this meeting with some shuckin’ and jivin’?  Either way, no one knows.  But this picture below might be the best explanation I’ve heard thus far.


caption contest, tough guy

It’s time for another caption contest!  (Well, past time, but my schedule has been somewhat discombobulated lately.)

This week’s picture features a guy who is looking tough (or at least trying to).  There’s no background info, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  You can create circumstances however you see fit — whether with current events or in the past, whether he’s part of a singing group or a long-lost relative or even one of your friends.  (I have a feeling Mango-Man will be brought into this one…)  Other ideas: what is he thinking?  What does his friends think?  What is his job?  The only rules are to make it funny and keep it clean.  Have fun!

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caption contest, Darth Vader and Ronald McDonald

This week our caption contest features two famous celebrities — Darth Vader and Ronald McDonald.  Why are they together?  That’s a good question.  Hopefully you can think up some good answers.  🙂  Of course, even if you don’t contribute a funny answer, you can read what others have come up with.

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Who wouldn’t want a flamethrower?

I have my computer setup to rotate through a certain folder of pictures for my wallpaper, and recently this was the picture:

Click image for a larger version (which makes a great wallpaper).

My wife came in the room, and I pointed to this and said I want one of these for Christmas.  Without missing a beat, she asked, “What would you do with it?”  I figured I shouldn’t get too elaborate (because that might concern her), so I said, “To burn stuff.”  Vague, I know, but women seem to not appreciate things like flamethrowers…  I don’t get it — how could it not be awesome?  There’s no shortage of ideas that would be awesome to try if I had a flamethrower (especially a military-grade flamethrower like the one shown above).

What would you do if you had a flamethrower?