trap the cat game

I just came across a really easy game that’s hard to beat.  It’s one of those addictive games where you keep thinking, “Just one more game…”  🙂  Continue reading at your own risk.

The gameplay is simple.  There’s a grid of circles with a cat in the middle.  Each time you click on a circle, the cat cannot cross that circle, and he gets to move one circle for each click you make.  It’s one of the easiest possible games to play, in technique.  But beating it is not quite so easy.  In fact, it can be rather frustrating, because sometimes it seems like you can’t win.

But don’t give up on it too quickly, because I have beaten it several times.  (I can provide screenshots on request.)  You win whenever the cat is not able to move a single spot anymore.

Here’s the link : Chat Noir

5 thoughts on “trap the cat game

  1. Kri'


    This game will now keep me up until all hours of the night!

    Seriously… what a pretty cool & ingenious game…

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