caption contest, superhero with phone car

It may be late on Monday, but you will get your weekly caption contest!   (Well, technically, there’s no guarantee, but I’ll at least make an effort.)   🙂  That said, here ya go.

This week’s photo is of a man in a superhero-type costume who is standing next to a car shaped like a giant phone.  I have no idea of the actual context of this picture, but that’s no matter — we will make up something.   I suspect there will be a lot of ideas for this one, including some puns (which may be unfortunate, depending on your preferences).  So let’s get to it!

superhero with phone car

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30 thoughts on “caption contest, superhero with phone car

  1. Bag O' Donuts

    No, Frank you didn’t get the part. The script said “E.T., phone home”. Not E.T.: Phone Homo.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    His superpower is knowing exactly when you’re eating, so he can disturb your meal with a telemarketing call.

  3. Mr. Destructo

    Later that day, Phone Man accidentally hit a pedestrian. Luckily, the number 911 was punched by the impact.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    Mild mannered Tom Wayne, after falling into a vat of nuclear radiation and shredded telephone directories, realized he had the power of telephony. However, he lost all sense of good judgment.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Tele-Man considers his next move, now that his arch-nemesis The Busy Signal has captured his sidekick Cell-boy.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    “Whenever a person needs to make a call AND doesn’t have a cell phone AND doesn’t have a friend to lend them theirs AND can’t get to a public phone AND is standing close enough to a phone jack to plug my super phone car in… Telephone Man will be there!”

  7. Mr. Destructo

    Hmm… a guy in a generic, homemade superhero (or super villain) type suit, and a phone-shaped car that makes no sense whatsoever… this sounds like a world-conquering plan from the Important Evil Genius (E.D.)… which, according to tradition (and he wouldn’t dare challenge tradition!), will be foiled by a secret agent who finds the self-destruct switch with just seconds to go. (Actually, this “plan” may be foiled before he even finishes his monologue, a la Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. That’s just how the “Evil Genius” rolls… HA!)

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