the fun work atmosphere at Google

What is cubicle life like working at Google?  Apparently not too bad.  Check out this photo gallery for an idea of how it’s very different from your normal tech company.

It says they get three free gourmet meals per day.  And they have pool tables, swimming pools, and you can even get massages.  I’m thinking they should open an office in Arkansas…  🙂

If Buffet o’ Blog ever has corporate offices, it would be like that, but even better!  We’d have unlimited sweet tea for employees, fun breakout sessions for generating new humor and research ideas, ample breaks, Bacon Mondays (where people bring a bacon dish to share with everyone, to make the day better), and extra compensation would be based on creating new, original humor.  (It sounds strange to pay people more for being funny, but that’s what we do here — generate humor.   It’s a great job — well, if only it paid enough for me to be full-time!)

3 thoughts on “the fun work atmosphere at Google

  1. Beppo

    So if my job is to make people laugh, does that mean I’m a comedian? Whoa! Who would’ve thunk it?

    Actually, I used to joke about becoming a comedian, and got off to a good start — every time I told my parents and friends I would someday become a comedian, they laughed at me. 🙂 So I reckon I’m a natural…

  2. Go Google!

    Google needs to be in arkansas! could it be that they have these luxuries because they have BIILIONS in resources??? 🙂

    Some rich benefactor needs to see the merits of your humor and decide to “invest” in the future of your website.

    Special note to Wealthy People: If you are reading this and are rich and love to laugh then fork over 100k to this Beppo.

    It will be the best investment in humor you will EVER make!

  3. Beppo

    Surely there’s someone who’s rich and loves to laugh and has an extra $100K… but are they reading here? 😮

    For a grant / investment of $100K (or any large amount), I would write all kinds of humor, because I could justify spending a lot of time on it. You can’t even imagine how awesome it would be here! Try me in this, and know that I am right. 🙂

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