caption contest, guy on moped with ducks

How would you like a new caption contest?  Hopefully that sounds good to you, because that’s what you’re gonna get!   🙂

This week’s photo is of a guy riding a moped, with his face covered, and there are cages with dozens of ducks on the back of the bike.  I have no idea what’s going on here, so if you could come up with some explanation, that would be great.  And of course, make it funny.  (That’s what this blog is about, if you’re new here.)

guy on bicycle with ducks

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110 thoughts on “caption contest, guy on moped with ducks

    1. Katie Brinson

      And in today’s news story: aggressive driving takes another form. while driving down Maple St. this masked crazy woman pushed a button on her right handle bar, shouted “GO GO GADGET POOP” and sprayed those behind her with a shower of liquified duck poo, causing a panic at the hospital as people rushed to be tested for Avian flu. The masked lady was seen later at the open air market selling the ducks, claiming that they were a magical variety known for curing herpes.

  1. Thomas Wayne

    “I couldn’t find any pink flamingos — they must be out of season — so I got these for my neighbor’s yard!”

  2. Fab

    Selling AFLAC door to door turned out to be much more of a hassle than Joe expected when he was first hired. And the smell? Like rotten cantaloupe in a metal garbage can in the August sun.

  3. Fab

    “Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE! Zan: Shape of an ice moped. Jayna: Form of a flock of ducks.”

    Those goofy Wonder Twins’ choices never did make that much sense, but this one takes the cake.

  4. MangoMan

    Obviously the developers of ‘street fighter’ are getting a bit desperate to come up with new powers for their characters. Why else would “Street Fighter 37” be codenamed “legend of the duck echo”

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    In proof that even animals are getting lazy, a flock of ducks takes a taxi south for the winter.

  6. Bag O' Donuts

    PSA: Parents don’t let your children grow up to be quack dealers. Talk to your kids about it’s fowl dangers.

  7. Mr. Destructo

    The delivery man didn’t know why anyone would want 3 dozen ducks, but the Important Evil Genius was known for wacky orders…

    1. Fab

      No, MM’s feathers aren’t white like that. They’re a little browner, stained from the potting soil in his flower beds. 🙂

  8. Holiday Inn Express

    Before settling on using ramps, Evel Knievel tried many ideas to get a motorcycle to fly over cars.

  9. LauraG

    Due to the rising fuel costs, the only way to deliver the ducks for the new Kentucky Fried Ducks franchise is by Moped!

  10. Slick Rippa


    YES………………….with all these ducks…………………the duck powered doomsday device will finally be completed………..MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Kimerin

    And so, all the pennyless ducks who walked into a bar and said, “gimme a shot of whisky and put it on my bill!”, are taken to Aflactraz (…or any number of famous Duck prisons: San Quacktin, Wing Wing, Featherworth, Foulsom or Aflaca)

  12. Greg Eversole

    Shrouded in mystery where ever there is a need. You know the money will be there just call and within days the Aflac whisperer will be on his way.

  13. NCFriend

    Aflac for Business’s new quantity discount was very popular, however, the delivery system, was quite antiquated!

  14. Anne Groff

    It’s official ducks are flocking from everywhere…and have resorted to all forms of transportation to get to to Bird’s Landing, CA for the protest march scheduled Sunday for a new bill of rights…the “down” trodden, the webbed-footed…

  15. Skool

    AFLAC puts out a call for new Sales Reps as they expand into third world countries. This applicant was deemed ‘over qualified’.

  16. bugs

    I loved the….”one more duck and I think this thing will fly”. There is definitely and “UP” joke in here somewhere. Wonderful puns….all of you guys are terrific.

  17. Dave

    Because of the increased risk of Bird Flu. China has pulled all of its resources “Bike’s included” to defowl the countryside!

  18. joseph stockert

    I told you it said “no swimming”.
    I told you we would go to jail.
    why dont you ever ask for directions?

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