add your own captions, basketball photo

It’s now time for another caption contest.  Since the NCAA Tournament (March Madness) just completed and the NBA playoffs are approaching, I’m going to use a basketball-themed picture this time.

The “rules” are the same as last time.  You can make up what one of the people in the picture is saying (whether the primary ones or the onlookers), or you can write commentary or analysis for it like you’re an announcer.  Or you can just write what you think about it.  So figure out what you would say here.  (There is one rule — keep it clean.)

basketball dunk with charging foul

38 thoughts on “add your own captions, basketball photo

  1. Patty Mac

    Yeah Thom, this player is gonna be the greatest athlete in basketball! I, mean look at the finess he displays to the enemy as he demoralizes their hopes and/or dreams of victory.

    Thom, if there was ever a photo taken that proves white men cannot jump, then this is that photo. Check it out, one’s got a 3 foot vertical compared to 3 inches.

    It looks like that poor boy is raising his hands to God for help and the other looks like he could give God a high five after the dunk.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Defender: This better be a charge or I’m gonna start throwin’ stuff! Ain’t nobody s’posed to be puttin’ they stank drawz up in my face!

  3. mynameain'tnonoyabusiness

    1. Just lift me a little higher…

    2. Oh, basketball gods please take this offering…

    3. Doctor, how bad is it? I have a rash! Oh, dear!

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