aerosols reduce global warming

In an online discussion of global warming and whether or not man caused it, I found something interesting :

Between 1961 and 1990 (actually it’s more like 1940-1970), there was not a cooling. There was a halt of global warming. There is evidence that this was caused by aerosols. However, it is difficult to prove with any certainty.

And think about this — in the 1990s, the government started banning aerosols.  (That might’ve helped the decline of the ’80s “big hair” debacle.)  So when aerosols went down, global warming increased.  If that correlation is true, then I’m going to start spraying aerosols to offset all this global warming!  Now, to some of you, that may sound boring, but that means you’ve never sprayed an aerosol towards an open flame such as a lighter.  You have an instant flamethrower.  I’ve always wanted to build a flamethrower.  I might also look into building a jetpack based on the burning of aerosols.  That way I could get around quickly and save the environment!

Yep, I think it’s time for the Buffet o’ Blog Research & Development department to start building a flamethrower and jetpack using aerosols.  Both of these products would sell on their own, but if they’ll reduce global warming, then they’d sell like hotcakes (or better, even).  I wonder what Al Gore will think about this?  Maybe I’ll make my own movie and make millions…

3 thoughts on “aerosols reduce global warming

  1. Alec Roberta

    A proof that the times we live in are especially toxic is that even the take on the weather can lead to family squabbles and talk radio hosts braying especially loudly into their mikes.
    Last month I compared memories of Easters past in Salt Lake City with those of Easter present. More specifically, my recollections about weather. It seems that the Easters of my childhood were whiter and colder.

  2. Not a Scientist, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    I call shenanigans. Where’s your source from?

    Cause if you can prove that, I’m totally going to build a ‘Captain Planet’ aerosol rocketpack and fly it to work. 40 cans of spray paint might actually be cheaper than a tank of gas.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    You can see the source in the post — it’s that greyish text w/the bar to the left of it. That means it was quoted from someone, probably someone important to be quoted like that. I have no reason to doubt it…

    The trails left from a jetpack powered by spray paint would be pretty cool…

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