caption contest, car jumping over edge, on fire

It’s that time of the week again — time for another caption contest!  This week’s photo is action-packed, featuring a car jumping over the edge, and it’s ON FIRE!  Surely there’s an interesting story behind this picture.  It’s up to you to figure it out.

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, car jumping over edge, on fire

  1. smilesalot

    The stunt man knew he’d be perfectly safe despite the blazing gas tank. Mr. Chipsy had assured him the lake below would quickly extinguish the flames, preventing a full-blown explosion. Of course drowning would then be the next danger, but Mr. Chipsy had planned ahead. The barrel he had duct taped to the hood was a fool-proof flotation device, not to mention all the air in those tires! If these safety measures some how failed, stunt man had been instructed to simply logotxt the Chipsy logo (he had even written himself a conspicously placed reminder note) to Mr. Chipsy, and help would be on the way. No worries!

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    Despite generous corporate sponsorship, the rocket powered flying car idea had trouble getting off the ground.

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    Chipsy had intended to fill his tires with nitrogen for the big race. However, a misunderstanding with the pit crew resulted in nitroglycerin instead.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      The explosion must’ve propelled it off the ground. I reckon that’s an effective method for when you need to jump something and there isn’t a ramp. But it probably hurts the resale value of the car…

      It also probably voids the warranty…

  4. MangoMan

    The over-selling of advertising space on the car left the race-crew no choice but to use the windshield for add space as well. the resulting crash on raceday and the car ramping off turn#1 was a direct consequence of the driver not being able to see. yes, it should have anticipated… but sadly… was not.

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