deep-fried butter

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, we’ve been known to experiment with various new food creations (see our Buffet o’ Bacon series), and we enjoy discussing the potential of new ideas.  Something we heard about is deep-fried butter, which debuted at the Texas State Fair this year.

The creator says it tastes like a mix between a biscuit or a croissant that is stuffed full of butter.   He also offers varieties with flavored butters: garlic, grape, or cherry.

Apparently the Texas State Fair has started a tradition of trying everything deep-fried, because this year they introduced many new deep-fried dishes: twisted yam on a stick, peaches and cream, fried pecan pie (picture that one!), pork chips, and more.  Previous years have featured deep-fried lattes, fried banana splits, and chicken-fried bacon.   (The latter is one I’d like to try, with a gravy dipping sauce.)  The creator of deep-fried bacon has also introduced deep-fried cookie dough, Coke, and peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwiches.

He also made a radical new creation called Fire and Ice.  It consisted of deep-fried pineapple chunks topped with strawberries, strawberry sauce, and banana-flavored whipped cream flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen.  So when you were eating it, smoke would come out of your nose or mouth when you exhaled.

The creator of deep-fried butter has found such success as a concessionaire that he quit his job as a computer analyst, which he had done for 14 years.  Supposedly he works for about 3 weeks a year now.  I knew concession stands at fairs were highly profitable, but had no idea you could make that kind of money.  Perhaps I need to take that up as a job on the side… I can come up with some great deep-fried goodness.  🙂

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