caption contest, extreme badminton

It’s time for another caption contest!  I’m going to go with another sports-themed picture this time, because of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  This time I’m using a photo from a sport that’s actually played in the Olympics (unlike last time), although this image is not from one of the Olympic tournaments.  Nonetheless, good times can be had by creating your own unique brand of commentary or captions, for all the world to enjoy.

What happened here?
What happened here?

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, extreme badminton

  1. Fab

    Guy Standing: My pits are sweaty, I think I’ll air them out. Hey, what’s that noise?

    Guy with ear to ground: Either there’s an earthquake, or there’s a train headed right for us.

    Guy standing: I’m not afraid of any train. If one comes through here, I’ll swat it with my giant flyswatter.

  2. Not a Sports Commentator, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    Looks like the guy in red got confused about the rules. I think he mixed up “How to play badminton” with “What to do if a bear attacks”. Right now he’s playing dead, waiting for the badminton to lose interest and go away.

    And the guy in black isn’t helping. He’s clearly stomping around doing a bear impression, and going “RAAAWWRR”.

  3. Fab

    Sports Commentator: “Badminton certainly does gain excitement when the shuttlecock is fitted with poisonous darts! We’ll be back for more badminton death-match after this message from our sponsor.”

    Commercial Announcer: “Do you hate it when pranksters attack? Have you ever had your newspaper stolen, your newly sodded lawn trampled, or footprints in your freshly cemented sidewalk? Do you hate it when a neighbor’s pet “does his business” on your lawn? Well, we have the solution for you: introducing Pest-ex from the makers of Amdro Ant Block! It’s the poisonous dart they’ll never see coming! Simply insert your dart into a blow gun like so, take aim, and blow the dart at the unsuspecting predator. When used properly, these darts inject a deadly neuro-toxin into the body of the unwelcome guest (much like a Texas death-row inmate) and they fall over dead right before your eyes! Not for use with other predator control products. This product is used in Olympic Death-match Badminton and is a proud sponsor of the Beijing Games.

    Disclaimer on bottom of the screen during commercial in small print: For best results, have a Pygmy from Borneo on retainer for optimum blowgun accuracy. Use only as directed.

  4. Important Doctor

    guy on ground: hey your right, this green painted concrete DOES feel almost as good as actual synthetic grass.

    other guy: I TOLD you so!

  5. MangoMan

    guy on ground throwing tantrum: WHY!!!!
    guy in black throwing up hands and upset: WHY!!!

    in unison: why did they have to misspell Olympics? we’re on TV!!! how embarrassing!

  6. Important Evil Genius E.D.

    Mwa ha ha!!! my evil pickles are marching (off to right of screen)

    The red guy has been incapacitated! and the guy in black has surrendered!

    victory is mine!!!

  7. Mr. Destructo

    Guy in black: Hey, I won this match fair and square, completely vanquishing my inferior opponent. There were no pickles involved! Quit trying to take away from my accomplishment, or you will be next!

  8. Important Evil Genius E.D.

    Mr. Destructo you are such a wuss! you have no grasp on reality! go study and FINALLY get that doctorate your always talking about. It’s been over YEAR since you first started talking smack and you still haven’t graduated from the Evil Acadamy! Mwa ha ha ha!

  9. Mr. Destructo

    @Important Evil Genius, why are you trying to hijack this thread? You didn’t write a caption. Just admit it that your propaganda was easily dismissed, and that you made all that up about pickles. BTW, if you plan to conquer the world by going through badminton matches, it’s not going to go everywhere. Face it, your plan is lame.

    FYI, who graduates college in a year? No one. Why don’t you try applying understanding to your words before you speak?

  10. Bag O' Donuts

    Chinese snipers shoot the losers at the Olympikus. The Olympics on the other hand are much safer. Welcome to Badminton Thunderdome!

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