Earth’s dominance in the Miss Universe pageant

I don’t keep up with beauty pageants and such foolishness, but I recently saw a headline about it.  A woman from Earth won yet again in the Miss Universe pageant.  That’s 56 straight years an earthling has won.  That’s complete dominance.  But it makes me wonder if people / aliens in the other parts of the universe are even invited to that competition.  If not, it should be renamed.

In semi-related news, Miss USA tripped in the evening gown competition, for the second year in a row.  I’m not going to poke fun at that, though.  I know, it’s easy to laugh because that makes her look clumsy and it’s certainly not going to help her score.  But look at it from her perspective.  There’s all that pressure of walking in front of people, and these models surely have to do a lot of preparation for walking in a dress and high heels.  I have no idea how difficult that is.  Surely it must be tough, if she’s going to trip and fall down a couple of times…

For next year’s competitions, one of the requirements in preliminary competitions might be that you can walk in front of people without tripping.  Considering how difficult it obviously must be in those circumstances, maybe she could do that in the talent part of the competition.  “Here is Miss USA, walking across the stage without falling down.”

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