crazy ingredients in Mountain Dew

Someone examined the ingredients of Mountain Dew, and it’s quite interesting.  Did you know it contains two elements that when combined are poisonous?  Fortunately there’s an ingredient that also works as an antidote.   Mountain Dew also contains a laxative.   And it also contains an ingredient that, if taken in large doses, can cause hallucinations and such.

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6 thoughts on “crazy ingredients in Mountain Dew

  1. Pork Barrel

    Mountain dew?? For a second, I thought you were talking about Hot Dogs.

    HotDogs+Mountain Dew=Russian Roulette

  2. Chad Lambert

    Mountain Dew actually has a flame retardant in it. So does Gatorade, although it’s being phased out. (You can read more here.) The ingredient in question is bromine, or Brominated vegetable oil (BVO). It is cited in chemical company patents as a flame retardant. Supposedly it keeps the colors and flavors from separating. It’s banned in Europe and Japan already.

    Whether it’s safe enough or not, I still have to wonder how a flame retardant made it into beverages… who first tested that, and who approved its use?

  3. Chad Lambert

    From what I’ve read on the subject (and that isn’t a lot), it’s not true that Mountain Dew contains pork. Supposedly it was rumored to be in Yellow #5. But the truth may be worse than the rumor. Yellow #5 is petroleum-based, and is suspected to contribute to a number of medical conditions. I’m no nutritional expert to say how accurate the claims are, but I’m becoming ever more leery of processed food and preservatives…

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