caption contest, weird robot costumes

It’s time… for our weekly caption contest!  As usual, write some funny text to go with this picture.  (Yes, it’s really that simple.)

This week’s picture involves people in cheap robot costumes.  I don’t know the original context of this photo, but that makes it even more fun.  🙂   So figure out what could possibly be going on here.  (Feel free to use your imagination as much as you want.)

people in cheap robot costumes

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31 thoughts on “caption contest, weird robot costumes

  1. Beppo

    This was the fourth day in a row they’d walked around their neighborhood like this, and for some strange reason, there seemed to be more “FOR SALE” signs each time…

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    After realizing that their auto insurance offered better coverage then health insurance, some people began taking drastic steps.

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  4. Thomas Wayne

    “Can you BELIEVE they didn’t even let us audition?!? I guarantee Transformers 2 is gonna suck.”

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  6. Beppo

    The lowliest of the Transformers, Robo-1 and his two compatriots turned into an A/C Unit, a toaster and a minifridge. Unlike the other Autobots, they took the bus to work.

  7. RoboBag O' Donuts

    Is that robot wearing a pizza box? Attention all robots: I have a stack of “deflector shields” next to the garbage can in my kitchen. Pizza Hut delivered them full of food, but I guess they are still useful.

  8. Thomas Wayne

    It’s tough to afford high-quality robot parts in this recession. (Perhaps they need to petition Obama for a bailout — he’s handing out money everywhere.)

  9. Mr. Destructo

    The Important Evil Genius’ budget for minions was already in the red, so this was all he could afford.

  10. Mr. Destructo

    “As soon as we can rally a few more of us, that guy laughing in the background is so gonna get beat up!”

  11. Thomas Wayne

    Tragically the lead robot was defeated easily when the human handled him without care.

    (Look closely to see why.)

  12. Layla n Amentia

    We are all happy robots! Bing boing! Bing boing!

    (If you watch Phineas and Ferb and saw the episode trailer, you’d get this.)

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