caption contest, Santa in a SWAT vehicle

For this week’s caption contest, I’m using a Christmas-themed photo.  Well, it features Santa Claus, so it’s festive and stuff.  But this is no ordinary holiday photo — Santa is driving an armored SWAT truck, and he’s being followed by a helicopter.  So obviously there’s some action story behind this picture.  And it’s up to you to write the story.

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7 thoughts on “caption contest, Santa in a SWAT vehicle

  1. MangoMan

    Santa: we’ll now that the nice children have received their gifts its time to go give those naughty kids a little something… mwa ha ha ha… err… mwa ho ho ho!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    These days, the real Santa doesn’t get much publicity… so he decided to stir up a little controversy… This will surely be on every news program tonight!

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