ideas for new Mexican restaurant

One of my friends recently started a new Mexican restaurant, and I was given the opportunity to make suggestions for new food combinations, along with ideas for entertainment and promotions.  I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear what things you’d like to have in a restaurant.  I figure we don’t need to list the qualities that all restaurants should have, like cleanliness, affordability, tasty food, etc.  But if you had the opportunity to add items to the menu, what would you choose?  (For me, there needs to be more items with bacon and/or cheese dip added.)

If you have any good, innovative ideas, you can share them in a comment.  Funny ideas are welcome, too.  Let’s think outside the box.  Surprise me.

6 thoughts on “ideas for new Mexican restaurant

    1. Beppo

      So far I think this is one that should be added (although we do have enough here). This one is patterned after my favorite one, but with cheaper prices, and it sounds like they’re more open to improving it.

      FYI, I’m talking about La Cabana, if you didn’t know.

  1. Beppo

    That’s actually one of the things I mentioned — an option on the menu to add bacon to any dish. And cheese dip (which they currently have). Other suitable additions would be chili, shrimp, and fire.

    By fire, I mean where they douse it in some flammable liquid and then they torch it at your table. That would definitely be popular!

    Another add-to-any-menu-item option at most restaurants should be gravy (Southern style — milk gravy from sausage), but I’m not sure how that would fit at a Mexican restaurant…

  2. Pumped Up Reader

    so we should have the mexican chefs fix the food in front of the customer? that sounds interesting.

    And have a mechanical bull in the middle of of the restuarant.

    now THAT would be unique!


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