caption contest, kid reading newspaper on toilet

Here we go, another week, another Monday, just like clockwork.  Also, another caption contest.   This week’s funny picture was sent in by a regular reader (who credits the infamous bacon and cheese diet for his regularity).  This picture features a little kid / baby sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper.  Obviously it’s been altered already, but we’ll use it anyway and see what happens.

So think of funny stuff to explain this picture or to add a story to it.   Remember, you get to write the story however you want to — you can base it on world events in the news, you can embellish a story, or you can even invent your own.  Just whatever you do — make it funny.

kid reading newspaper on toilet

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

19 thoughts on “caption contest, kid reading newspaper on toilet

  1. E-Trade Baby

    checking the stock market the old fashioned way. ahh those were the days. thank the Lord for the BlackBerry!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Reading about Obama’s policies gives me gas. I’ll never get off of here if I don’t quit reading this newspaper!

  3. Bag O' Donuts

    Fab’s version of Benjamin Button. Go three rounds with Los Amigos in your 30’s, emerge from the bathroom a toddler.

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