spending more to reduce the debt

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the U.S. economy is having some problems.  There’s a LOT of debt (both private and public, corporate and personal), and there’s not enough money to cover those debts.  It’s way past time to do something about it.  Fortunately, President Barack Obama has a plan.

They say knowing is half the battle, but I’m not sure if Obama really knows what he’s doing (thus I’m not sure he’s even halfway right).  Obama apparently thinks quadrupling the deficit will fix the deficit.  I cannot begin to explain how backwards that sounds.  But if spending more money than we have and sending us deeper into debt 4 times faster helps the economy, then why don’t we do even more?  (I’m afraid he is planning to do more, particularly with the nationalized health care.)

I realize this may all sound foolish.  I mean, how can going further into debt get us out of debt?  The key here is that it has to be called “investing” instead of just “spending”.  Calling it by another name makes all the difference.   That must be it…

And if it will work for our government, maybe it’ll work for us.  Suppose you can decrease your credit card debt by spending 4X as much and putting it on your credit card…*

* Don’t blame us if you try this and your budget blows up and you can’t get credit anymore and the lenders start foreclosing on your properties that you can’t afford.  But be sure to blame Obama if that happens to our country…

Obama's economic plan

3 thoughts on “spending more to reduce the debt

  1. Evelyn Guzman

    That’s a funny way of looking at the solution. I know we are getting much deeper in debt, but what is the alternative? If they will not stimulate the economy, where will we be? Deep in depression most probably. This way, there is at least some hope. The market seems to be waking up.

    Evelyn Guzman
    Debt Challenger

  2. Beppo

    The main cause of our current recession is that banks and creditors took on too much debt. And many of the people losing their houses is because they had too much debt. That’s why I think the government going further into debt may be worse for the economy than letting it fix itself. I’m not saying nothing should’ve been done, but the many billions Obama wants to spend seems like a bad idea. (Of course, his budgets aren’t all for fixing the economy — it’s for pushing his agenda through. It’s taking advantage of the major crisis we’re in.)

    And nobody ever mentions the additional taxes required to pay for Obama’s ambitious plans. The government couldn’t afford the previous plans, so how will it afford much bigger plans? We pay for it. Government money is taxpayer money.

    (I know this isn’t funny… but I wanted to reply to the previous comment about this. Continue on to another page here at Buffet o’ Blog to return to the humor, which may be especially needed after thinking about what is happening to our country.)

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