caption contest, house being moved

Just like clockwork, it’s Monday, and I’m posting another caption contest for your enjoyment.  Yeah, I’m calling it a caption contest even though there aren’t any prizes.   (It’s really too bad that Cheetos sponsorship fell through!)  The “prize” is that you get to make people laugh.  Imagine writing something where dozens to hundreds of people read it and it makes them laugh.  You’d be like an internet celebrity!  And if you have a blog, you can link back to it by filling in that field, and that’s like free advertising for your blog.  I could go on, listing health benefits and social improvement and such, but you get the idea.   So all that said, write a funny caption for this photo.

house being moved

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22 thoughts on “caption contest, house being moved

  1. Dumb Blonde

    It’s amazing how far mobile homes have come in recent years. That almost looks like a regular house! Imagine that in a trailer park.

  2. Important Doctor

    As impressive as the first float was… and the fact that it was preceded by a band of ‘marching ninjas’ (shown above) couldn’t save the parade… and was on the whole, a HUGE letdown.

  3. mangoman

    Optimus prime: you know in theory, a transformer disguised as a house was a no-brainer for not attacting any attention, and being the perfect camouflage… but in ‘practice’… well… it’s not exactly been a raving success.

  4. karenranee

    When the mortgage company threatened to take away the house, nobody took them literally; that is, until now.

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    This is Hummer’s new SUV, the H6. It gets almost 30 feet to the gallon, and can go from 0-60 in only two hours. It comfortably seats 25, and has the most cargo room in it’s class. Not so good at cornering though.

  6. CalTrec10

    “A moving house? Let me get this straight, Jim. You honestly expect me to believe that you missed your only son’s flower arrangement recital because you were stuck in traffic behind … a MOVING HOUSE??”

  7. Mr. Destructo

    On the next episode of “It Takes A Thief”, John will show a young couple that even a locked house isn’t safe…

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Owner: “Remember that this order qualifies for free shipping & handling.”
    Movers: “Uhh… We don’t offer that promotion, sir.”
    Owner: “Wait, let me find that coupon…”
    [Owner searches for printer, but it’s in the house, with no power]

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