caption contest, overweight woman at Burger King

It’s time for another caption contest, and I’ve been hearing it doesn’t need to be late this week.  So here goes…

This week’s photo features a man and woman eating at the same table.  The man’s T-shirt could potentially be offensive to the woman, for obvious reasons.  There’s also the fact that they’re at Burger King, which is not exactly a health food type restaurant.  It’s up to you to write a funny caption to explain what either of these people might be thinking or about to say.  Or you can make a joke about the situation.   The only requirement is that it’s funny (and clean).

(Click for a larger image.)

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12 thoughts on “caption contest, overweight woman at Burger King

  1. Ex-Fun T-Shirt Owner

    This t-shirt reminds me of the one I used to have that said “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.” I miss that shirt and like that chubby chick, I miss the days when I would’ve fit in that shirt.

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