genuine woolly mammoth hair for sale

You can buy some genuine woolly mammoth hair on eBay for $7.95 plus $2.00 First Class shipping.  It even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The seller actually has good reviews and has been an eBay member since ’99.  This just doesn’t add up…

I was discussing this with the Buffet o’ Blog staff, and we figured out one possible use for it:

What, are you going to try and clone a woolly mammoth from the hair?  ‘Cause if you do, I’d like one.  I’d get a saddle for it, ride it into work.  How’s that for a hybrid?

Hybrid driver: My car gets 80 mpg.
Mammoth rider: My mammoth just (crapped on/stepped on/picked up and threw) your car.

I’d like to have my own woolly mammoth, although I’m not sure I could afford to feed him.  And keeping him in line might be difficult.  I’d hire the Dog Whisperer and tell him this is an old breed.  It would surely help the ratings for his show if he could make a woolly mammoth submit!

4 thoughts on “genuine woolly mammoth hair for sale

  1. Thomas Wayne

    That’s a good idea! You could make a lot of toupees from just one woolly mammoth. Also, if you kept your mammoth secret, you could sell hair samples like in the eBay auction referenced above. You could sell a lot of hair samples from just one mammoth, because they are monstrously huge.

    Also, you could make quite a few rugs from one, I imagine. You could probably even carpet your whole house.

  2. Mango-man

    TW not to mention that if there was ever a food shortage you’d be set for a LONG LONG time. I wonder what mammoth t-bone tastes like? also you could sell the giant ivory tusks for more money. 🙂

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