caption contest, synchronized swimming

Are you ready for another caption contest?  (You’d better be!)  The past two weeks I’ve been using Olympic-themed pictures, and even though the Beijing Olympics have finished, I’m going to continue that trend.  Although, this one is quite a stretch to picture in the Olympics.  There is synchronized swimming, but this is not quite what it normally looks like.  But write whatever you want about it, whether Olympics-themed or not.  And have fun!

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18 thoughts on “caption contest, synchronized swimming

  1. Thomas Wayne

    The Olympics are prejudiced, because they only let women enter synchronized swimming. We could do half the stuff they do, so why aren’t we allowed in?

  2. Not a Scientist, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    The first attempt to simulate the effects of the ice caps melting met with mixed results. While it did suceed in raising the sea level, the methane byproducts of the test subjects killed all sea life within a mile, and caused enough global warming to actually melt the ice caps.

    And that made Al Gore cry.

  3. Al Bore

    Since these fat guys are contributing to global warming, something must be done! I propose we require all fat people to buy “fat credits” before they can go swimming in the oceans or lakes.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    At the end of our synchronized swimming routine, we’re going to do some synchronized farting. It’s gonna be cool…

  5. Bag O' Donuts

    Hey is that John McCain in the background? Is this a shot of his POW camp pool party? No wonder he wanted out, his captors ate the other prisoners. Lucky for him they didn’t wait a full 30 minutes before getting in the water.

    P.S. It’s Floatzilla!

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