working less to help the economy

A guy on CNN, Jack Cafferty, has brought up the idea of changing to a four-day workweek here in the U.S., to help deal with rising gas prices.  It’s not an original idea, because the staff here at Buffet o’ Blog have discussed various plans to work less and/or to increase the length of the weekend.  So while it’s not a new idea, it is good to see it finally gaining some traction with the mainstream media.

I’ll volunteer for the four-day workweek, even if it’s just in an experimental stage.  And I volunteer to work from home, too, which would really save on gas prices.

I figure some companies would expect employees to start working 10-hour days to compensate for the extra off-day, but that’s not necessary.  It would be best to leave it like it is except for removing one whole day of work.  Not only would that help the economy and help prevent global warming, it would dramatically improve morale, which would be a huge thing in this time of major corporate layoffs and downsizing.  So companies ought to think about this new strategy.

Actually, I think the four-day workweek would be widely accepted idea among employees (which make up the majority).  So perhaps research is not needed on that.  But if they want to research taking it a step further, like a three-day workweek, I’ll sign up for that.  🙂

One thought on “working less to help the economy

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I’ve been working less, but it’s not helping my economy… so this system must have a flaw in the slaw…

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