Easter eggs falling from the sky

Speaking of Easter eggs, a couple of years ago a church in South Carolina dropped 50,000 plastic Easter eggs from an airplane, for people to find.  They claimed that some eggs had prizes fit for adults.   As you might expect, we had an interesting discussion based on this:

That would have been hilarious, a field full of people waiting for the eggs to arrive, and then 50,000 eggs falling from the sky like pastel colored hail. I can see the news headlines now — “Easter bunny takes to sky, kills three”, “When Eggs go bad, the Easter Weekend Massacre”, and a Mythbusters episode where they not only prove that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real, but they can kill you too.   And when you say with prizes fit for adults, I’m imagining a TV wrapped in a giant eggshell, and a couch, car, and boat done the same way. ~ Turtle Dundee, 4/9/07

Now I have a bonus Easter-related link for you.  This story is about a couple who hid real, hard-boiled Easter eggs around their house for their kids.  They hid two dozen, but found only 13.   I’ll leave the hilarious explanation for your reading, because it’s really funny how he explains what happened.  Here’s the link: Smells like Easter.  [link broken]

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