caption contest, jet crashed in backyard

This week’s caption contest really needs your help in explaining it.  Obviously a jet crashed in some woman’s backyard.  Or is that really what happened?  How did this happen?  Why?  What should happen next?  You decide.

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17 thoughts on “caption contest, jet crashed in backyard

  1. Beppo

    Midget: “Da plane! Da plane!”
    Ricardo: “Welcome to Fantasy Island, where all your dreams come true! [looks at crash] Somebody has some messed-up dreams!”

  2. MangoMan

    These economic times are hard for the airlines, especially with the rising costs of fuel. so airlines are forced to search for new innovative ways to get people from one place to another. In this photograph we see a prototype for a new land-based plane, that will take people from the land and transport them (by them walking from one end to the other) into the water. Edna, seen here, has already been twice and is saving up her money for a 3rd run. to quote her “the complimentary peanuts and flotation devices are a huge plus”.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Uhh, a “land-based plane”? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Is this one of your “infamous” inventions?

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