What should this man have done?

The other night I was at a local restaurant, and there was a couple sitting next to us.  The guy was a big man — not all muscular, just big — and he was wearing a floral shirt.  (No, it wasn’t the infamous Mango-Man, though it sounds like him and he lives in these here parts.)  Anyway, the waitress said she really liked his flowered shirt.  I felt somewhat embarrassed for him, but then I wondered how he should respond.  He simply said, “Thank you.”  But I wonder what he really wanted to say…

What should he have said and/or done?

4 thoughts on “What should this man have done?

  1. Fab

    He should have gone all Butthead on her with something like: “Hey baby. Uhhhh, I like your apron, or something. It’s rules!”

  2. anonymous married man

    The guy could’ve said, “My wife picked this out for me.” But he didn’t, because it might’ve led to an exchange like this:

    Wife: I thought you liked that shirt. It goes well with your complexion.

    Husband: What? I didn’t say anything about the shirt.

    Wife: I can tell you don’t like it because of how you said that. Why do you not like the shirt?

    Husband: There’s nothing wrong with it!

    Wife: Okay, whatever.

    Husband: What’s wrong?

    Wife: Nothing.

    Husband: Is something bothering you?

    Wife: I’m fine.

    [repeat ad nauseam]

  3. Anonymous Marriage Counselor

    Husband: Are you sure?

    Wife: (crying). You are not honest with me.

    Husband: I am honest.

    Wife: Then why didn’t you say you bought the shirt?

    Husband: Because I wanted to give you credit for making me look good. You see she was checking me out.

    Wife: So you like her checking you out?

    Husband: rather it be her than that guy staring at me next to us. He is kinda making me feel uncomfortable. Like he is trying to figure something out.

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