caption contest, sumo jockey in horse racing

It seems like we just had a caption contest, but it’s already (past) time for the next one.  This week’s strange and unusual photo features a sumo wrestler riding a race horse.  I thought jockeys were usually midgets, but I suppose anyone can do it if they try hard enough.

Anyway, explain what’s going on here, such as why this is happening, what the other riders are thinking, what the horse is thinking, what the announcers might be saying, what happens next, etc.  The only restrictions are to keep it clean and funny.

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, sumo jockey in horse racing

  1. fay shell

    Announcer: Wait wait Ladies and gentleman, a UFO has jumped on horse # 14 and it seems the jockeys has been squashed. No No No wait , its a load of cow patties? No, no n it seems like the SUMO WRESTLER CLASS across the street has broken for lunch. Wait…word just in…this man was told he ate like a horse, he thought thet told him to go EAT a horse. Man, this is what we get when we vote English as a second language.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    Observant betters began to suspect that the owners of the 14 horse were trying to throw the race.

  3. Crappo the Clown

    Xiang was preparing for his infamous mid-race fart, which slows down the other horses as the air they breathe becomes unsuitable for life.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Why is he wearing only minimal clothes? Surely another pound or two isn’t going to make that much difference at this point…

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