caption contest, many satellite dishes

I sure could go for a caption contest right now…  Fortunately, I have the power to make it happen.  🙂

This week’s photo features a house with quite a few satellite dishes on it.  Figure out something funny to say about it, from any angle, and share the laughter with us all.  Just keep it clean.

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

13 thoughts on “caption contest, many satellite dishes

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Due to budget shortfalls, the lair of the Important Evil Genius had to move to smaller facilities. The new lair doesn’t even get cable.

  2. Layla n Amentia

    Some kid looking out a car window: “See, mom, they watch THAT much TV! How come I can’t?”

    The kid’s mom: Because these guys are big country bumpkins, that’s why.

    kid: ???????????????

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