Bacon Salt

I just heard about a new product called .  You add it to your food to make it taste like bacon.  I glanced at their website, and their motto is : “Everything should taste like bacon.”  Well, that’s an interesting premise.  They’ve also said, “We’ve on a quest to make everything taste like bacon.”  Hmm…  I really like bacon, and there should be more dishes that include bacon, but everything?  That might be a little extreme.

However, there is a catch to this innovative new product.  Check out one of their product descriptions, which at first sounds good, but there’s obviously a flaw in the slaw : “Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon.”  How is bacon vegetarian?  And how is it zero calorie?  The concept of bacon taste with zero calories sounds great, no doubt, but this goes against conventional wisdom.  Typically, what makes foods good is that they are unhealthy.  If there are no calories and there is no meat to this product, how is it good?

But I will not pass judgment at this time, for I have not tried this product.  I would like to, though.  I looked for it in the spices section of Walmart the other day, but didn’t find any.  (To the makers of Bacon Salt, if you donate me a package, I’ll gladly write a review of it.)

8 thoughts on “Bacon Salt

  1. Say what?!

    Bacon bits are not typically made with bacon. therefore are vegetarian in nature. Maybe these ingenious inventors-who-should-send-you-a-free-sample are able to make a similar recipe but with salt added. who knows? I guess they would have to send you multiple samples so that a highly regarded food researcher* can form a committee to analyze this product.


  2. Thomas Wayne

    Some bacon bits are made with real bacon. And there are some that don’t taste so great. But I’d like to try this new Bacon Salt product. There’s some good quotes on their website about it.

    Sign me up for this committee also. We can try adding this to pizza, and to french fries, and burgers, and all kinds of stuff.

  3. Important Cardiologist

    To eliminate the risks of hypertension/ heart/ stroke/ cholesterol problems, you should not use this product! Instead, you should cover your food in bacon grease. Then, it would certainly taste like bacon and you would have the added benefit of arterial lubrication that has come to be associated with this wonder food. All negative heart related problems listed above are no match for the power of bacon grease. If you won’t eat it for yourself, do it for the ones you love so that you’ll live a longer, healthier life. Bacon grease-it’s what’s on your dinner! 🙂

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Hey, are you that “Important Doctor”? Y’all sure sound alike, spouting that (tasty-sounding) nonsense about eating with bacon grease. Did you change your name to escape your shady reputation? 😮

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Yeah, I don’t know if it would make you live longer… but would it be worth it anyway? You could eat all healthy, giving up french fries, onion rings, pizza with extra cheese, chocolate, bacon cheeseburgers, etc., but you’d die anyway.

    Some say that eating healthy doesn’t really make you live longer, it just seems like longer… 🙂

    Has anyone out there tried this Bacon Salt? I haven’t seen it in the stores yet…

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