making mutant animals

What happens when you mix animals with radioactive ooze?  If you’ve done any kind of research on such things like I have*, you will realize this is dangerous.  You tend to end up with mutants.  And these mutants might be evil, difficult to stop, and causing widespread destruction.  Apparently some scientists have not realized this, because there is a nuclear power plant near Miami, Florida, called , which maintains a wildlife preserve around its twin reactors.  And this is not just some casual “I’m saving an acre of the land I’m building on to make us look enviro-friendly” wildlife preserve — no, it’s twenty thousand acres.  They maintain seventeen endangered species (which doesn’t seem to me like the best place to keep them, but what do I know?), but the scary part is that they are particularly interested in breeding crocodiles.  They’ve released over three thousand into the wild so far.  The crocodile is quite a dangerous animal naturally, with its armor and incredible strength, but mixing it with radiation seems like a bad idea.

GoziraHow did the scientists not put this together?  This just goes to show that you need to take a break from studying to watch TV and movies.  If they had kept up with what’s being documented in some of the popular movies of the past few years, they would’ve realized this is a bad idea.  I just hope we can stop this before it’s too late…

* I’ve watched X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as some B-movies along these lines.

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