I need a recess at work

These corporate jobs tend to make too many people fat.  Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t burn many calories.  These people need more exercise, and I have a plan!  The workday needs to include a recess like in school, where we go play basketball, kickball, volleyball, etc.  We could also fill some old car tires with dirt and roll them around the playground, creating a dust storm.  (Did anyone else ever do that when you were a kid?  It was a good time!)  I think this would boost morale.  Of course, this would be separate from the already existing lunch hour.

Dance Dance RevolutionI realize in some places it gets too hot and humid in the summer to be outside in “business casual” attire, so they should let us wear shorts (at all times), and they should serve us ice cream after recess.  This too would boost morale.  If it’s just crazy-mad hot, or if there’s inclement weather outside, there could be a recreation area set up with video games like , as well as various pinball machines and other classic arcade games.

I’m thinking I should become a corporate exec…  I’ve got all these .  And I realize that happy employees are more productive employees.  Some companies take away benefits and don’t give raises, and my personal research into this strategy has clearly shown that it lowers morale throughout the company.  I would definitely run things differently if I was in charge…

6 thoughts on “I need a recess at work

  1. Say what?!

    sounds like a great plan!!

    where would you get the funding for such a project? If people aren’t working then they are not making money and we all know what makes the world go round.

    Enlighten me.

  2. Mango-Man

    simple… as previously mentioned “happy employees are more productive employees” therefore with this mindset you can technically take more breaks and still maintain the same level of productivity. If you’re maintiaining productivity… you’re not losing money. 🙂

  3. Your (UnFriendly HR Dept

    SLACKERS!! GET BACK TO WORK!! All this chit-chat is interupting my nap…err…important meeting.

  4. Your (Un) Friendly HR Dept

    I hear that there’s a little munchkin living there now! Hopefully she screams extra loud tonight! That’s what you deserve after giving my room to an overly small person! HAHAHA! (evil corporate HR laugh)

  5. Peter Spindel

    having dance dance revolution would not be appropriate at a work place because seeing your co workers shaking they can-cans and all jiggling would be far too enticing and cause work place problems….


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