caption contest, multi-car pileup

We now bring to you the next regularly scheduled caption contest.  BTW, just an FYI, it can be fun to glance at the previous caption contests (which can be easily accessed with the Say What? link).  You may think of a new caption because your perspective and mindset will be slightly different each time you view them.  And sometimes you can take a theme from one and apply it to others (like how it’s all Mango-Man’s fault, for instance).  Just a thought…

This week’s photo features a multi-car pile-up on the highway.  It’s up to you to figure out what happened and/or why, and to deduce what people might be saying about it.  (Just keep it clean, as always.)

(To see our other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

13 thoughts on “caption contest, multi-car pileup

  1. anonymous

    this was a secret photo taken at *ANY* “school of driving” … correction! that should have been “Any school of driving for women”

  2. Important Philosopher

    What are the odds that there’s some deadbeat loser in the group who will fake an injury and sue for the maximum damages to take advantage of the system?

    If you get hurt, surely that’s worth something like $3 million, and so what if everyone’s insurance rates go up? [Note the sarcasm.]

  3. Important Philosopher

    “But officer, I didn’t see the wreck piling up in front of me!”
    “Ma’am, that’s the problem.”

  4. Mr. Destructo

    Important Evil Genius: “My plan has worked perfectly! Oh, wait, the people aren’t self-destructing in anger. What went wrong? *sigh* Another plan that didn’t work… back to the drawing board.”

  5. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    HA! that shows what you know Mr Destructo (if indeed that is you name) My plan had NOTHING to do with getting the people to self destruct, but EVERYTHING to do with taking their brake pedals out of there car! my plan has YET to be unveiled!!! mwa ha ha ha ha! mwa ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha!

  6. Thomas Wayne

    This is a typical day at the Rosco P. Coltrane School of Driving… This horrendous crash is a good start, but next they will learn how to get the driver’s side door to fall off when they wreck, for dramatic effect and flair.

  7. The Self-Proclaimed Genius

    One important thing you learn at the Rosco P. Coltrane School of Driving is that until at least 1 car is all up in a tree, there’s still some crashing to do.

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