burger challenge at Cheeburger

Last week the Buffet o’ Blog staff and a few friends met at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Little Rock, AR, to conquer their so-called burger challenge.  Their “challenge” is called “Our Famous Pounder”, and it starts with 20 oz. of beef plus whatever toppings you want.  It doesn’t sound too intimidating to me! If you eat it, they take your picture and put it on the wall with the other “Wall of Famers”.

Two of the guys in our group attempted and both conquered the burger, plus some fries and/or onion rings, and a regular milkshake.  While it’s an achievement worthy of recognition (hence the post), one of them requested his secret identity remain secret (probably so his wife wouldn’t know he ate the whole thing).

Of course more pictures could’ve been taken, but I had food of my own to eat, so this is all you get.  Besides, it’s not that much of a challenge.  I’ve eaten meals larger than that before.

About the food — the burgers tasted great.  There are many choices of toppings, including peanut butter.   None of us tried that, but one guy put pepperoni on his and recommended it.  We all added bacon to our cheeseburgers, which was good, but there were the usual comments of “needs more bacon”.  (For those not in the know, that is a recurring phrase on this blog. Just about any food could be made better with more bacon.)

The fries were average to me, but the onion rings left something to be desired.   (Maybe it was an off-night — I don’t know; this was my first time to this restaurant.)

The milkshakes were excellent!  Mine was chocolate with brownie batter, peanut butter, and Oreos.  They have a LOT of choices for milkshakes and malts — looks like around 70 options.  Someone at the table suggested a huge conglomeration of toppings, but it got to the point where there wouldn’t have been room for ice cream.  I suppose a line has to be drawn somewhere, unless they keep making the glass bigger as you add more toppings.

All in all, it was a great time.  It was a great choice for a guys’ night out.  Highly recommended!

5 thoughts on “burger challenge at Cheeburger

  1. BeBop

    seems that the real challenge is to eat the burger and the sides. 😀

    who among them would have faltered? (looks mysteriously into the photo for clues)


    1. Thomas Wayne

      Just looking at the picture, I’d say the guy on the left looks a little more wussy, so he’d probably falter.

      Hey, that looks like Mango-Man! Is it so? And is that Rurouni Kenneth with him?

      1. Thomas Wayne

        I knew it! Your photographic encryption is no match for my keen sense of observation and deduction!

        I will admit that MangoMan could probably eat the whole burger. Actually, I’m sure he could. I don’t think he could better me in an eating competition, but he can hold his own. I will give him props for that…

        Actually, I remember a time when he ate too much at Taco Bell and ruined my ride… But I digress…

      2. MangoMan

        whats this whole could ‘probably finish it’? you were there! you witnessed the carnage! (witnessed it, I might add, while you nibbled at your dainty little ‘semi-serious’ burger… ha!)

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